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The History of Tea

Posted by on Jun 11, 2016 in Tea | 0 comments

The course of history was changed by it. The mightiest trading company of its time was founded on it. Dutch sailors traveled thousands of miles looking for it. After water, it is the world’s favorite drink. What is it? Tea!


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Have you ever wondered how tea gained such popularity? Where did it come from? Like countless other innovations, it originated in China. Some 500 years before the Common Era, Confucius alluded to tea in one of his poems.

All You Need to Know About Commercial Coffee Maker

Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

You have an entrepreneurial soul, a good idea for a business and a commercial coffee maker. What more do you need?

Coffee Maker

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A Coffee Bar is a Business

Every business has laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, zoning and other paper-based prerequisites. Before you can start a business like a coffee bar, you have to know all of the rules that apply to your area and your type of business and be prepared to adhere to every one of them.

Don’t be discouraged. It would be a shame to let that commercial coffee maker go to waste.

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinders

Posted by on Jun 7, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

Out of all the factors which affect taste when brewing coffee, it’s the grind which has the greatest influence. This is for two important reasons: grinders help keep coffee fresh, and give you the ability to adjust coarseness.

Coffee Grinders

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