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Posted by on Jun 10, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

All You Need to Know About Commercial Coffee Maker

You have an entrepreneurial soul, a good idea for a business and a commercial coffee maker. What more do you need?

Coffee Maker

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A Coffee Bar is a Business

Every business has laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, zoning and other paper-based prerequisites. Before you can start a business like a coffee bar, you have to know all of the rules that apply to your area and your type of business and be prepared to adhere to every one of them.

Don’t be discouraged. It would be a shame to let that commercial coffee maker go to waste.

Coffee Bar

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You have plenty of help. The Small Business Association has federal, state and local people to help get you started.

They can help you understand the regulations that apply to you, they have publications with startup information and they all have the experience of running a small business successfully. Look for adult classes at your local high school and college.

You can find help in understanding how to set up your financial records, how to apply for a loan and how to locate reliable wholesalers. Get ready to unpack that commercial coffee maker.

A Coffee Bar is People

Whether you’re planning to dispense coffee and doughnuts to go near a bus station or establish a cozy, friendly little specialty coffee restaurant, you need to deal with people:

  • People who make the coffee.
  • People who serve the coffee and people who buy the coffee.

Be ready to pay your employees, juggle wait staff schedules and satisfy your customers.

Coffee Bar

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You have to find dependable people to represent you to your customers. You have to train them and you have to retain them after your competition finds out how good they are. Respect them.

You’re placing the well-being of your commercial coffee maker in their hands. You can’t satisfy customers with a dissatisfied staff.

A Coffee Bar is Coffee

Whatever your vision, don’t scrimp where it counts. Buy the best coffee within the price range of your business. Obviously, if you’re building a business based on exotic, specialty coffee drinks, don’t be cheap.

But if you’re planning to provide a quick, inexpensive cup of coffee to commuters, don’t buy coffee grounds too expensive to appeal to them. Your commercial coffee maker doesn’t get a vote in the matter.

Coffee Bar

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Decide who your customer will be and what they will want. Look at businesses similar to the one you are planning and find out why they are successful or why they aren’t.

Plan carefully and make good on your plans and before you know it, you’ll be needing a second commercial coffee maker.

Coffee, which can be served with just about any food, is really at its best when paired with sweets.

This pairing allows the relative bitterness of the coffee to counter the sweetness of the dessert, often leaving the coffee drinker with a well-balanced finish.

Coffee has recently become trendy, with flavored coffee often displacing the traditional cup of Joe as the drink of choice.

As more flavors become available, consumers are finding it possible to add a little more pizzazz to their meals by carefully choosing the right flavored coffee.

The Endless Possibilities

Consumers have, for many years, used unflavored coffee for the workhorse specialties that arrived compliments of the caffeine? Opener of sleepy eyes, and pep pill for the sluggish mind.

While flavored coffee is nothing new, it took many years before it gained the badge of mainstream acceptance marked by its arrival on supermarket shelves and trendy corner coffee shops.


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Now the consumer is faced with a huge variety of flavors? Chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and coconut, to name a few.

Since the majority of the flavorings are sweet, it takes only a little imagination to see that flavored coffee can be used as more than a pick-me-up.

Indeed, by pairing specific flavored coffee with certain desserts, the consumer will find a world of possibilities when it comes to enhancing their delicious fare.

Perhaps the most famous coffee-dessert pairing is that of pumpkin pie. Adding a cup of cinnamon flavored coffee or, perhaps, even vanilla, completely changes the experience of eating the dessert.

The coffee can enhance the pie with a complimentary flavor such as cinnamon, or create an entirely different dessert through the introduction of exotic flavors such as coconut.

This is only one of the countless possible examples, but it does serve to show that flavored coffee is more than a simple beverage.

The right coffee can actually replace some of the traditional toppings that add unwanted calories. Vanilla flavored coffee is the perfect replacement for frozen whipped topping.

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