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Posted by on Jul 3, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

How to Make Coffee, A Healthy Drink

Over the recent years, coffee has become more than a beverage. Coffee hubs and parlous have become a part of everyday routine, just the same as checking messages or reading newspapers.

When you think of coffee, your mind might swim with creams and sweeteners. Most of the people drink coffee just for the extra flavors. Here are some healthy tips for making a healthy coffee.


Coffee, as such, has almost no calorific value, it is what you add to it for taste which makes it fattening. So, the first tip is to control the additions. You can substitute whole milk for skimmed, low fat and low calorie milk.

For sweeteners, you can find alternatives to sugar, like honey and other flavours. However, artificial sweetener is not a healthy option and it must be prevented from usage.

Coffee is a universal drink. It is the most popular beverage in the world and consumed in almost all countries. Since no drink is perfect, there are many health risks as well as benefits attached with coffee.

First we shall take on the benefits of coffee. Coffee is a widely used beverage as it freshens you up. A cup of coffee in the morning can rejuvenate you can keep you fresh all day. It also promotes bowel evacuation, making your colon clean.

Plain black coffee is very good for health. Recent studies suggest that it prevents Parkinson’s disease, depression, colon cancer and even diabetes. While preparing black coffee, make sure that your coffee doesn’t burn.

Coffee also contains antioxidants which helps in destroying free radicals. Free radicals are threat to the body and can cause many heart diseases like atherosclerosis and even myocardial infarction.


Hence, coffee drinking is also useful for heart. Coffee is very useful for students and think tankers as it increases concentration and makes you more alert. It also improves the endurance during physical activity which makes it preferable drink for athletes and sportsmen. Which meanl

  • You can reheat the coffee in a microwave instead to heating it on a stove which kills its nutrients. You can also add honey and cinnamon to your coffee.
  • Cinnamon helps in controlling blood sugar and the combination of both supposedly encourages weight loss.
  • Green coffee has been gaining popularity all over the world in the recent past. What makes it better is, it is a refreshing drink and has a longer shelf life.

The green coffee diet can help you to get slimmer while improving your overall health. For a number of reasons like health and taste, green coffee is now more preferred drink than regular coffee.

Many times it might be the case, when you cannot prepare your own coffee. If you have to order your coffee at some joint or parlour, make sure you choose the less calorie option.

Most of the food joints have this option on their menu now, and if it’s not there, order an espresso with flavoured sugar free sweetener.

It is also healthy to drink coffee through straw as it prevents the staining of teeth. As a contradiction to the general myth, coffee can actually be very healthy for your body if it is consumed the right way.


Green coffee is made from coffee beans without roasting them. Roasting the beans improves the taste and gives the aroma to the coffee. Green coffee on the other hand, is a health drink and is very unlike the regular coffee. It contains chlorogenic acid which will help you shed some weight without any harmful side effect.

Chlorogenic acid is nearly destroyed while roasting the beans, and hence the advantages of green coffee are not found in regular coffee.

Despite the fact that many are not accustomed to viewing green coffee as a relaxation drink but as a drink to lose weight, it is vitally important that you understand that green coffee was made to be enjoyed like any other coffee or tea.

Also, the green coffee diet reduces appetite, making you crave less for food with high fat content and high sugar.

The way is in fact, quite easy to understand. By consuming green coffee, the sugar is absorbed at a reduced rate in our body while the fat burns faster.

It also reduces the blood sugar level and thus increasing the insulin response in your body.

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