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Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

How to Make Coffee with and Without a Coffee Maker

Everybody makes coffee in their own way. Homemade coffee differs from home to home. It is easier to make as people buy instant coffee powder.

How to Make Coffee with and Without a Coffeemaker

One has to mix milk or water with the powder and your coffee is made. Although you can’t expect that to taste anywhere near to the coffee made by the retail coffee outlets but it saves time and the effort.

1) With A Coffee Maker

If you are a coffee fanatic then I would suggest that you buy a coffee maker. Now if you are new to a coffee maker then you need to learn the process of making coffee with a coffee maker.

There are a few simple steps following which you will successfully make coffee.

  • Put a coffee filter in the filter basket—one can use a non generic filter because the cheap generic one will clog the coffee grains.
  • Measure the amount of coffee grounds – usually you need to put 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 6 ounces of water.

How to Make Coffee with a Coffeemaker

Now coffee makers come with scoops so you should go through the manual to know how many scoops you should put.

  • Measure the amount of water you need to use—according to the ratio add the precise amount of water you will use. But do not pour the water in the filter bag. Instead pour it in the compartment below the filter bag.
  • Turn on the machine – once you turn on the machine the coffee will start brewing. Some machines do that automatically while some has a manual time setting.
  • Wait for the complete brewing process – it will take some time to brew the coffee. Once it is done throw the filter paper immediately, failing to do so will add excess bitterness to the coffee.

These are just simple guidelines but in order to make the coffee according to your taste you need to experiment with it.

2) Without a Coffee Maker

A perfect cup of coffee is something next to heaven. That lovely aroma and the bittersweet taste just bring back life into anybody.

Especially on a winter night a cup of hot coffee can cozy up things to an extent where you actually enjoy the chill.

Although different people have different tastes but no matter how you make it the caffeine in the coffee works in the same way.

Although methods and techniques vary from one country to another, but the concept is pretty the same anywhere you go.

Well, if you want the best of flavours then you should probably go to some coffee shop but doing it on a regular basis can be expensive. So it is best to learn how to make coffee at home.

Now there are two ways to do that. First one is that you buy a coffee maker and learn the way to make your desired cup of coffee.

Otherwise you can make without a coffee maker. There are some really effective ways to make good coffee without a coffee maker.

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffeemaker

So below are processes of making different coffee without a coffee machine. Most people really love this.

Black coffee
If you are using coffee grounds then pour the grounds in a saucepan and add water according to the desired quantity. Heat it till its boiling. Now keep boiling for a few minutes so that the complete taste of the coffee is extracted. Now turn off the flame and keep it idle for a few minutes and then strain your coffee.

Coffee with milk

Here again you have to heat your coffee and water in a saucepan till its boiling. Now let it brew for some time. Take note that the amount of water should be just enough to saturate the coffee grounds. Now pour it in a cup and then add warm milk. You can also add sugar to it according to your taste.

Cold coffee

To make this at home you will need a mixer or blender. Add instant coffee, milk, sugar and a bit of fresh cream. Blend the whole thing and check the taste. Add something if it’s not according to your taste. Now add some ice cubes and blend again. Finish it by adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream or vanilla essence.

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