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Posted by on Aug 3, 2016 in Coffee | 0 comments

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

If you are looking for the perfect cup of coffee then let me tell you that the term

“perfect” is misleading. What is perfect to me may not be perfect to somebody else.

Everybody is different and their methods and likings are also different. So perfect is

very confined to individual people.

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How to Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee making also differs from person to person. The taste and the aroma differ.

So one might prefer a certain blend but the same is disliked by others.

For example, you may prefer a full-bodied roast from Espresso Land but your

spouse may enjoy a lighter, flavored roast.

But there are some tried and tested ways to make a good coffee, whether perfect

or not depends upon the people. There are some factors on which the flavor and

aroma of the coffee differs.

Ratio of water and coffee

There is no hard and fast rule about the ratio. Again it depends upon the choice of

the person. But too much water and less coffee is not good and vice versa. Again

the quality of the water decides the final taste. So make sure you have a proper

source of clean drinking water.

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Coffee is known to cause insomnia among many. It causes irritability and mood

flare-up. It has been accounted as a reason for infertility in women.

Coffee is a diuretic and might cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance if taken

in excess. It is also known to cause indigestion and bloating in many people. It

might cause diarrhoea and vomiting too. In women, the PMS symptoms might be

exaggerated in coffee drinkers.

Hence, though coffee is very helpful in day to day activities, there are many

potential risks associated with it as well.

Clean water is extremely important in coffee because it will do a lot in making

coffee’s taste come out and bring the real deal in it.

Temperature of the water

The temperature is also a deciding factor. But usually a temperature between 195-

205 Farenheit is considered to be good. Too much hot might burn your lips.

If the temperature is terribly high, it may destroy the taste of the coffee and if it is

darn low, the real taste of the coffee will not come out full.

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

There are various types of beans available so a lot of things vary due to what type

of coffee one is using. Peru and Brazil is very famous for producing coffee.

You see, the benefits of coffee largely depend on the amount consumed per day.

Coffee might be addictive for users. Coffee leads to raised blood pressure and thus,

potentially increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It increases anxiety among

regular drinkers.

Coffee is undoubtedly the best beverage in the world. Well, as I am a coffee buff I

might sound a bit partial but no one can deny the fact coffee is most widely

consumed all over the world. Different countries and different cultures consume

coffee in their own way.

Coarseness of the coffee

Depending upon how you are going to make the coffee one should select the coffee

grounds. If you are making in a French press then go for coarse grains. But if you

are making an espresso then you should opt for a finer grain.

Coffee is best if taken in the morning. We all keep a bit drowsy even after waking

up but a drink of hot coffee rejuvenates us. It’s the caffeine that stimulates our

nervous system and we feel like making a fresh start.

Although one can buy the instant coffee powder and make their cup of coffee

instantly saving time but if you are looking for great taste and aroma then I would

suggest to buy a French press.

That is the best way to make good coffee at home. It is not possible to buy your

favorite coffee every day from Starbucks. It will prove too expensive.

How to Make The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Again these tips might not work for everybody. So I would suggest that you keep

on experimenting until you find what works best for you.

To effectively gauge the coarseness of a coffee. Follow these steps below:

  • Firstly measure your coffee according to your taste. Usually a cup should
  • have 7 grams of coffee.
  • Then heat the water till it is boiling.
  • Now grind the beans before brewing. You can keep it a bit coarse, but it
  • again depends on your taste.
  • Let it be for about 5 minutes according to the timer. Then press down the
  • plunger. The coffee will pour through the filter.

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